[knitting] Granny's Favourite Tweed - finished

Finished a little tweed sweater:

Granny's Favourite Tweed

Pattern is Granny's Favourite in the 3T size. I used two 50 gr balls of Fonty Soft Tweed (all of it). It's short-sleeved and cropped but maybe it will work with a high-waist dress... with long sleeves. I don't know. 

I love the fox buttons:

Granny's Favourite Tweed

It's going onto the Christmas gift pile.


Had a good weekend. Finished up a bunch of projects, wound skeins of yarn, started the cat couch (and afghan), vacuumed the entire house, baked a pumpkin bundt, watched some football. I'm travelling next week so I've got to start thinking about a portable project-SOCKS. Socks. Okay, I thought of it. Now to narrow down a pattern...

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