[weaving] Practice coaster and mini-rug

I wrapped up a couple small projects that I made on my table loom:

Practicing tapestry weaving

The one on the left is a small coaster and the one on the right is a little rug for either my cell phone or notions while I weave (scissors, needles, etc). Both are done with Elann Sonata cotton that I had in the stash.

Woven mug rug

The coaster is pretty cute. I finished by tying the warp ends in overhand knots, which looks a little disorderly. I'm not sure yet what the best practices are for weaving- first and final wefts rows to keep things tidy, when/where to join new yarn, securing ends, etc. 

I practiced color blocks for the rectangular mat:

Woven rug

These didn't take too long and were pretty fun. I've since warped the loom to try and make 4 coasters at once. I just need to find the time to do them all.

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