[crochet] Starting the cat couch...

Last weekend I got a couple pounds of basic acrylic to start the cat couch...

Starting the cat couch

I'm having a bear of a time trying to prevent the fabric from biasing. I see the clusters are going in one direction, then I try to compensate my moving over a stitch or two. Then I have to move over a couple stitches to prevent biasing in the other direction. Sigh. You can see the pattern is a little wavy from these corrections. I'm annoyed but I'm trying to remind myself that I'm simply making upholstery for a toy couch. I doubt the cats will be like "Thanks for the couch... too bad the texture's all wonky, you moron." I mean, I hope they're not like that.

As written, the pattern has you do the underside in the clusters but the base is going to be on the floor, never seen, so I'm making the front/top/back of the main seat first. The bottom I will do simply in double crochet.

I'm making the fabric pretty dense and tight in hopes that the foam won't show through. Because of that, I can really only work for a few inches before my wrists start to get a little pained. To rest, I've started a little granny afghan to go on the back of the couch:

Sunny squares. Making a small cat-sized afghan using leftover sock yarns. #crochet #grannysquares

Little three-round granny squares in leftover sock yarn. I'm using up small bits of random colors, so this will be a ugly charming cat-sized blanket. The squares are piling up- tons of ends to weave in but Fox Paws cured me of ever feeling the need to bitch about weaving in ends ever again. I have a car appointment on Saturday, so I'm making square after square after square and will use my time in the waiting room to sew everything in.

Hoping I can finish this in time for Christmas. The progress is slow and I'm getting distracted by other (faster, easier) projects...

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