[spinning] Scrappy 3-ply from leftover bobbins

A couple weeks ago, I dumped out all the toilet pepper rolls of leftover single-plies from spinning that I've been saving for years.

Sunday project: years of bobbin leftover single-plies from spinning. Will spin into random three ply. 🌀 #spinning

I got the idea to randomly spin them up into a crazy, scrappy three-ply from this blog post.

I ended up with:

Scrappy three ply

Looooove. It's a mix of fibers and superwash/not superwash- a little bit of everything. Overall both skeins are bulky weight.

Scrappy three ply

I have the urge to knit with this soon. I think it would make a pretty cute teddy bear. I'm trying to find a pattern that would have a solid color for paw pads, inside ears and muzzle. That might tone down the overall craziness of the yarn.

Scrappy three ply

Nice to stash down! I dumped so many empty toilet paper rolls into the recycling bin after this. And this was a quick project- both skeins were plied on a Sunday morning. 


Speaking of spinning, I just spun an 8oz sack of Hello Yarn club leftovers. All that's left is plying. I'm trying to keep the wheel out and spin regularly, rather than once a year for Tour de Fleece. 

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