[misc] Penny Thursday

Penny in nice, hot, fresh-from-the-dryer clean laundry. Now that the weather has cooled (it snowed last night!), she starts pacing and meowing around the dryer as soon as the cycle is done. 

She's feeling a little mad at me. She's been having some bad chin acne. She used to get the small blackheads and but it's gotten worse and I think it's from stress or over grooming. I've been consistently cleaning her chin every day and using a hot compress for a few minutes. It's visibly helping but she hates it and now runs away when I approach her. Still, if I'm sitting on the couch, she gets into my lap and she sleeps with me in bed at night... and she hung out with me in the craft room last night while I working on some weaving. But if I approach her with a paper towel in one hand and a hot cloth in the other, she runs and hides. Siiiiigh. :( 

Penny would probably be even more angry if she knew I was telling everyone about her chin acne.

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