[knitting] Granny's Favourite Tweed

Starting a new little cardigan for my niece:

Time for tweed... #knitting

Pattern is Granny's Favourite, which I've made twice already. I have only two 50g balls of this DK tweed, so it may will probably be a short-sleeved, cropped cardigan. I like this pattern because it's top-down and perfect for yarn chicken.


The Seashore Shawl is off the needles- all that's left to do is blocking tonight.

I think my next project after this cardi will be a couch for the cats. I have a pattern that is so flipping cute and I'm pumped to make it. And I did find a couple patterns for the scrappy handspun yarn- I've just got to wind the skeins. Which means I'll wind half a dozen more skeins, because I might as well while I have the ball winder and swift out... so I need to line up a few more patterns. It's Socktober and I'm tempted... I would love a new pair of bed socks... 

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