[knitting] Green Socks

Working on something bright bright bright bright bright:

Working on the greenest of green socks. #knitting #sockknitting

The pattern is called Nomia and it's free from Knitty. This is a project I started as travel-knitting for the flight to/from Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Now I've been picking away at it during the evenings while we're watching a movie (we're going back and watching all the Marvel movies in the order that they were released- starting with Iron Man).

Everything is coming up green outside so I guess that is influencing my yarn choices.


TGIF. For reals, T. G. I. F. This week has been ugh. I had to console myself with a tiny glass of wine mid-week:

Its been a week and it’s only Wednesday. Time to enjoy a reasonable amount of wine in the porch. #winewednesday

At least the weather has been really nice- sunny and not too hot.

Going to the Hanover Garden Club plant sale tomorrow morning. Then it looks like it's going to be rainy all weekend, so lots of boardgames, baking and knitting for me. I also started thumbing through my quilt block book and picked out several designs that I can pre-cut. Got to get back to quilting...

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