[gaming] Clank!

Tried out a new game this weekend:

Rainy day boardgaming. Trying to dungeon crawl without making any noise. #clank #clankboardgame #boardgames

Good dungeon-crawling, deck-building game. You are an adventurer exploring an underground dragon lair. Any kind of noise you make creates a "Clank!" and that can wake the dragon. The deck-building aspect is acquiring companions and weapons to help you move/fight better. Worked well as a 2-player but can accommodate up to 4. We will definitely be playing this more.


Went up the hill to pick ramps after work yesterday. Things are still a bit wet and muddy but the picking was good- I brought back two grocery bag's worth. A few were washed for supper but the rest will be cleaned today. Then it's pesto and compound butter time.

Getting excited for Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend. I've got to sort out what I'm bringing (an empty checked bag- to bring home all the goodies), plane knitting, what handknit item I'm going to wear, etc. I've started a small list of particular vendors I want to try an see.

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