[travel] Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Took Friday off work to head to the DC area for Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It's an easy, fast, direct flight from Burlington that I've made many times. I arrived Friday afternoon and met up with my friend. We had some drinks out and then dinner in old town (oyster po' boy for me). Saturday morning we got up and drove to West Friendship, MD. We only stayed at the Festival about 4 hours (coincidentally, the same amount of time it took all my money to disappear)- it was much more crowded than last year. 

The herding demos are always a highlight:

Sheep herding demo at #mdsw. 🐑🐑🐑🐑 🐕

I got lots of handmade soap, buttons and spinning fiber. No yarn, which was good. Saw lots of cute sheep in the barns.

Dinner out Saturday was all the seafoods. Raw oysters, crab cakes and octopus at a new place called Hummingbird:

Last night at Hummingbird: octopus, crab cakes, oysters. Later at Hank’s: tuna tartare. All the seafoods. 🐙🐟

Then tuna tartare at Hank's Oyster Bar up at the west end of King Street. So gooooood.

Left Sunday morning and was walking through my front door by 2pm. (Pit stop at Pro Pig on the drive home, which is becoming a regular thing when I'm coming home from the airport.) Then shower/nap and loafing the rest of the evening. A weekend well-spent.

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