[cooking] Maple Walnut Scones with coconut oil

This past weekend I made maple walnut scones with a maple cream drizzle:

Maple walnut scones with a drizzle of maple cream. 🍁 #sundayfunday #baking

The recipe is here. It calls for 11 tablespoons of butter. Which sounds like a lot... because it is. This never happens but I had no butter in the house... but I still wanted scones, dammit. I do have a container of solid coconut oil, though. 

So, I made the recipe as stated but decided to use coconut oil instead. I started adding tablespoon after tablespoon to the dry ingredients... five... six... this feels like a lot... seven... ok, that's enough. I was psyching myself out, thinking the oil was going to completely melt out of the scones once they were baking in the oven and the cookie sheet would a pool of oil. I used my pastry blender to cut the solid oil into the flour, the same as I would for butter. 

I added the milk/maple syrup to the dry ingredients, mixed everything up, turned the dough out onto parchment, divided into three pieces and formed them into patties 3/4 inch thick. I have to say... I liked the texture of the dough with coconut oil in it. I find scone dough to be dry/crumbly but this was like Play-Doh in the best way possible. Just smoother and it held together better. I used my bench scraper to cut each patty into 8 wedges.

Maple Walnut Scones - before

On the left front disk I sprinkled maple sugar/cinnamon. On the left front, I brushed a bit of milk mixed with maple syrup on top. The disk in the back center I left as is.

After baking:

Maple Walnut Scones - after

425F for 18 min and they started to burn a bit on the bottom. Next time I'll bake for 18 min at 400. I feel like these needed the extra minutes because they were a little thick. Also not sure if the coconut oil made them more susceptible to scorching.

These scones are great. They definitely have a coconut aroma but they're very nice and tender and all the oil didn't leech out. I'm not afraid to completely replace butter with coconut oil now. Next up- a bundt cake? Can you "cream" coconut oil with sugar? Only one way to find out...

Oh and the drizzle in the top pic isn't from the recipe- it's 100% maple cream from a local farm, purchased during the Vermont Maple Open House weekend in March. It really puts these scones over the top.

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