[gardening] Wild Flowers

It's still early and the trees are only just starting to bud but things are blooming.

My favorite wild, woodland flower: sanguinaria canadensis (common name: bloodroot)

My favorite spring woodland flower. #sanguinariacanadensis #bloodroot

They only bloom for a day or two. They come up wrapped in one big leaf. Their sap and root is a rust-colored red (hence the common name). The light yellow center of the flower is a bright as a light bulb. It's almost hypnotizing to me.

The grow down by the brook:

More #bloodroot. They only bloom for one day. #sanguinariacanadensis

When I was looking around for the bloodroot, I saw lots of trillium erectum (common name: stinking benjamin):

Found lots of #trillium in the woods around the house this year. All red, no white. #stinkingbenjamin

No white ones, they're all red. The past few years, I've only seen one growing in a nearby spot. This year- they seem to be in a dozen new locations! But they're a little difficult to get to for a picture- behind old rock walls, on steep banks of the brook. There was a nice healthy clump close to the edge of the lawn that I was waiting to bloom but when I went back to take a picture some days later, they were all gone, chomped down to the ground. I had to google whether or not deer eat them and they do!

The little pond we have on the property is overrun with cattails and marsh marigold. Down stream, along the brook, some spots of marsh marigold are starting to appear (I assume seeds getting washed down from the pond):

Marsh marigold down by the brook. 💛

So pretty.

When I went up to pick ramps a week ago, I found some more wild, woodland flowers blooming. Tiny little spring beauties (claytonia caroliniana):

Spring beauty.

These flowers are so small- the blossoms are smaller than a dime- but they are so lovely! It's no wonder their common name is 'spring beauty'.

Spring beauty.

I also saw a few hepatica:

Hey, I did find a #hepatica, @enting3! Not as colorful as the ones you found. 🌸

I've never noticed these before but I happened to be looking for it this year. And it's worth a stop and look-see, they are so sweet as well.

There's a new flower to take a picture of every day. I love it! I'm making progress cleaning up all the flower beds- doing a little after work every day. Hopefully when my Memorial Day vacation rolls around, I can tackle some bigger projects- working on the firepit and taking care of plant divisions.

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