[misc] Penny Thursday

Penny, helping guard against chipmunks yesterday afternoon:

Not a bad chipmunk guard 🔫🐯

That's catnip down by her tail. No getting high on the job for her- she never does catnip when she's outside. 

The large flowerbed is looking nice:


I don't think any of that phlox bloomed last year; some critter ate off all the unopened buds... But I'm happy they are able to bloom this year. 

Vacation starts in T - 4 hours.

Cooking plans: Pasta. Egg pasta. Herb pasta. Squid ink pasta? Beet pasta? Two-colored pasta? Homemade ricotta for filled pasta. I've got to start cleaning out the freezer to make room for all the pasta I want to make.

Also, savory quick bread. I'm hosting the June bakealong challenge for the Ravelry cooking group- and I still need to pick a recipe!

Harvest and use some of the rhubarb. I'm waiting for the mint to get a little bit bigger before I rip it back (and away from other plants it's surrounding)- need to look up mint recipes.

Knitting plans: Finish the socks.

Sewing plans: More quilt blocks.

Crochet plans: Go back to Sophie's Universe?

Weaving plans: Weave... something?

Spinning plans: None. I'm participating in Tour de Fleece in July. 

Gardening plans: plant annuals, fertilize, mulch, re-edge beds, divide and move plants, re-do the outdoor fire pit... misc this and that. 

Whatever I'm doing, it's going to be awesome. I can't ever think of a time I've had 10 days off in a row.

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