[misc] Penny Friday

Took Penny out yesterday:

Maybe Penny can take care of this chipmunk problem. #probablynot

We have at least three chipmunks and they've been digging up and eating the bulbs of my asiatic lilies. Between the deer and the 'chucks and the 'munks, the gardening struggle is real. Because the cats don't go outside, the chipmunks are fairly brazen and, I'd go so far as to say, haughty. While Penny was busy eating grass around the front porch, a chipmunk popped out of his hole in the front yard and was looking at us like, "What is SHE doing out here?" He still came over and kind of got all taunt-y to Penny while safely hiding under the porch. But, I don't think Penny would even know what to do if she caught him. She has 'interacted' with mice in the house in the past but those scenarios always end with me catching the mouse under a colander and then throwing it outside. Apparently, neither one if us is capable of killing anything larger than a fly.

Penny's too scared to venture away from the porch when we're outside and that's generally the area that the chipmunk thinks he's the sovereign prince of, so I'm hoping just her periodic presence and smell will be enough to... take this chipmunk down a notch or two? I don't know. I think murder is too much to hope for but maybe a scuffle or two? The question is, who would win that scuffle? Ehhhhh... [shrug]


TGIF. I have some rhubarb from a coworker, so I'll make a rhubarb-something this weekend. It's plant sale season and I'm going to hit up three local sales tomorrow morning. More garden chores around the house (beds are slowly getting cleaned up). House chores. My niece's b-day on Sunday. Looking forward to it!!

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