[quilting] Quilt #2 Finished

I picked up my finished quilt a couple weeks ago and I've been using it non-stop ever since:

Finished quilt

Penny has claimed it.

The backing fabric:

Peek at the backing fabric

I love it overall but there are a couple things that I've learned that I would need to specify for the next quilt that I have professionally finished. There is a definite "top" to the quilt (i.e. the edge that goes to the headboard)- the blue panels that hang down either side of the bed are the left and right sides.

Blue batik panels down either side

There is also a "top" to the backing fabric- the tops of the owl heads should point toward the headboard. But the backing fabric was turned 90 degrees before being quilted, so it's perpendicular to the headboard. Not a big deal and probably only noticeable by me but it's still incorrect in my mind. This didn't come up with the first quilt I had finished because the backing fabric was solid blue.

The other thing is the size of the quilting pattern:

Penny loves her quilt

It's larger than I would have preferred. There are hundreds of computer patterns to choose from and each pattern is scalable from small to larger. I like smaller, tighter quilting for a puffy/crinkly finished look.

I love the quilt and have been using it every night. The cats love it. But now I know to be specific on a couple particular things for the next one.

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