[gardening] Early June Flowers

A good portion of my week off last week was spent gardening- dividing perennials, planting all the new things that were starting to pile up, and just appreciating everything in bloom.

Lily of the Valley are just finishing up new:

Lily of the valley

My mom had a nice little cache of them in a semi-shady, unattended spot. She had no idea they were so wonderfully fragrant. I dug up a bunch last year and put them under the deck (morning sun only) and in the semi-shade bed. Was so happy to see them come up and multiply this year. I had to pick a few to bring a little bouquet into the house:

First bouquet of the year- lily of the valley. So fragrant!

Lamium is blooming in the back shade bed:

#lamium blooming in the shade bed.

Love this low, spreading shade ground cover. Found a container of lamium with white flowers at a local library plant sale and divided it into three bits and planted it in a different flower bed. Something has come through and eaten a lot of it (curse you, woodchucks!) and I can't figure out why they would eat the white and not the pink. Siiigh.

Hens are starting to send out chicks:

Hen sending out chicks.

Allium, blubs planted last fall, are blooming now:


I bought a couple little pots of irises marked "White" at a little road-side plant sale. (Someday I'll plant an all-white garden that will be the envy of Martha Stewart). I was happy to see that one popped open truly white:

White iris added this year.

I could eventually see that the other was going to be purple, which kind of made me sad. Until this popped open:

Well this is a nice surprise. Bought some irises marked "white" at a roadside sale. One is truly white but saw that this was going to be purple. Popped open white and purple. I love it!

Purple AND white? I love it!

Speaking of irises, these are a couple different types of bearded irises outside of my work building:

Irises at work. I'm going to dig one up in the fall. Sshhhhhh, don't tell anyone.

Another work iris. Love this color combo.

I'm going to dig up one of each this fall to bring home. Shhhhhh.

The Siberian irises are just starting to bloom at home and are so violet this year:

Siberian irises starting at home. 💜

Dianthus firewitch started are are oh so fragrant:

Dianthus firewitch. Wonderfully fragrant.

Mountain sandwort, planted last year (another option for the future white garden):


There's something new to see every day!

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