[crochet] New Doily

I'm still crocheting...

Working on a new doily...

I'm still working on my Lost in Time crochet shawl and am three balls of sock yarn in. We were taking a road trip on Sunday and I wanted to bring the shawl to work on in the car- but I can't find the extra balls of yarn. I can't find them anywhere. (I'm assuming one of the cat's hid them... somehow.) So I grabbed a doily book and some crochet thread. 

I know I'm going to run out of the taupe color I'm using now. The only question is how messed-up the doily is going to look when I switch to another color in the middle of the pattern.

Tour de Fleece starts July 1 and I'll be participating again this year. This is pretty much the only time I devote to spinning now, so I'll start digging through the fiber stash. I did spin up a fair amount last year and I miss working on the spinning wheels.

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