[misc] Penny Monday

Penny, hanging out with me Sunday morning:

Penny 🎀

She actually loves wearing that bow. I've gotten her used to wearing stuff (knit and crocheted hats, harness and leash for walks outside, etc) so it's easy to slip the bow on over her head. She purrs the whole time.

Things have been non-stop hectic since my vacation a couple weeks ago. It was nice on Sunday to spend the morning in the craft room, tinkering away on unfinished amigurumi and pulling out all the bundles of fiber that I plan on spinning for Tour de Fleece. Drinking mocha coffee. 

Today is Monday so I have my CSA pickup after work. Dollar has band practice on Monday nights and I usually cook/eat many of the fresh vegetables that I know he won't eat (e.g. mustard greens). 

One thing I made last week was cold Korean soup called mul naengmyun:

Cold noodle soup. #Naengmyun #mulnaengmyeon @jenmac1818

This was my first time making it, so it was a little weird but the basics were good- cold broth, cold chewy noodles, hard-boiled egg, asian pear, radish, cucumber and a hot pepper. I liked it but the banana splits for dessert went over better.

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gayle said...

Penny knows how great she looks in that bow!