[misc] Penny Monday and Hmart

This is how I humiliate Penny:

Posting the most unflattering pic of Penny because that's what she gets for waking me up before 7am on Sunday.

By posting an unflattering picture of her. She started stomping around my on chest in bed before 7am on Sunday, trying to get me up for (her) breakfast. Usually I'm up with the sun but was rather tired from Saturday.

Saturday I took a trip with my mom to Hmart- we hadn't been in a long time and were in dire need of staples- rice, seaweed, sauces, gochujang, ramen, etc. First, we went to the liquor store next door to buy 17 bottles of makgeolli (so good). Then a couple jjigae's for lunch in the food court:

Lunch! 🍲🍲

Since it's summer, it's naengmyun time and we also split a bowl of cold bi bim naengmyun.

Bi bim naengmyun

Then it's time to shop. There was a nice display of rambutan:


Which I've never had. I bought 8 to try. As well as a guava and baby bananas. And a box of Asian pears. The fruit and vegetables at Hmart are so good.

I didn't get these but I thought about it:

Oh man, I feel more mellow just thinking about getting these.

I think I'm mellow enough in general. And I'm not sure a hit of chocolate and marshmallow would be calming for me.

The trip was good- got everything I was looking for- especially all the fixings to make naengmyun all summer. Dinner at home was ssam:

Dinner at home right after an Hmart visit is always the best. Ssam with spicy pork, greens from my CSA, banchan and rambutan for dessert.

Spicy pork, homemade ssam sauce, red leaf lettuce and arugula from the CSA, and a few banchan (black beans, peanuts, spicy dried anchovies). Rambutan for dessert. They were good but I don't know that I'll get them again. Fun to hold, easy to cut and pop out of the shell, tastes like grape but kind of hard to eat around the seed inside.

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