[cooking] Egg Pizza

My favorite weekend brunch:

Lunch today was pizza and eggs. Trying to use chives on everything.

Homemade pizza, using no-knead dough. Little bit of sauce and cheese, baked on a pizza stone at 500 F for 5 min, crack a couple eggs on top, bake another 5 min, top with fresh chives.

The only time consuming part is letting the dough rise and heating the pizza stone for a good, long while. Then the pizza itself is done in 10 min. The egg yolks are still ooey gooey and perfect for dipping bits of crust in to. And I'm trying to top as much stuff as I can with chives since they are abundant in the garden now.

Speaking of chives, I might have to find some fun stuff to do with all the flower heads that are popping open now.

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