[travel] Maryland Sheep and Wool

Took a long weekend to go stay with a friend in Virginia and visit to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival for the first time. The weather was... not awesome. Cold and rainy in Vermont and Virginia:

Rainy flight to DC.

Friday night we had drinks and dinner at Virtue Feed & Grain- quickly becoming my favorite restaurant in Old Town Alexandria. I got a beet and quinoa salad that was fan-freaking-tastic. I recreated my Valentine dinner (lamb chops, polenta, snap peas) from Feed & Grain and now I've got to reverse engineer this salad at home. Quinoa, beets, radish, peas, pearl onions, greens, sarvecchio.

Saturday was the festival. It was overcast. Sprinkled a bit. Chilly. BUT it wasn't overly muddy and I wore my Moonlight Sonata shawl. I don't know why but the sheep at this festival were overly cute. 

Maryland Sheep and Wool. #mdsw2017

That face. I'm not saying that the sheep at VT Sheep and Wool and the Tunbridge Fair are ugly but... people must only bring their cutest breeds to MD Sheep and Wool. They were all so adorable.

My friend hadn't seen sheepdog demonstrations before, so this was a good experience:

#mdsw #mdsw2017 #mdsw

I've got to talk her into coming up for the Scottish Games in Quechee in August- those are proper (scored) trials in a big, green field and so much fun to watch.

We saw T-rex spinning some yarn:

T-Rex spinning yarn...

Lots of vendors, lots of stuff to buy. I have a million, bajillion skeins of yarn and bundles of fiber to spin so I didn't get much on that front. I was mostly looking for mother's day gifts (found a couple nice hand-woven cotton towels), soap (homemade soaps are my fave!) and buttons.

The real treat for me were the fiber competition winners/results. So many talented fibers artists creating and entering items that were really amazing.

🌎 #mdsw

💀 #mdsw

This handspun yarn was beyond awesome:

Sheep handspun skein

Two-ply. One ply had grey cocoons. Then she plied them together (so the "sheep" popped out) and added a black face to every single sheep. Then when you knit it up, it looks like little sheep grazing in a green pasture. It's so genius.

And so many amazing hooked rugs, beaded shawls, photographs... Seeing all that stuff was the highlight of the festival for me.

Then back to VA and out to a Korean restaurant for dinner:

Evening meal...

Two kinds of meat bbq'd at the table, ssam, banchan for days, makgeolli. I had to waddle out to the car after. Then back home Sunday morning:

Back in the VT.

The flight to/from Burlington - DC is about an hour. Such an easy trip- I plan on making it more often.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for the review of the Festival! Looks awesome! LOVE that green yarn with "sheep."