[gardening] Mid-May Flowers

Things are really starting to grow after weeks of rain and then a super sunny week.

Primula in the back shade bed:

#primrose #primula

Teeny, tiny little Victorian laced primrose:

Victorian laced primrose. #primula #victorianlacedprimrose #silverlacedprimula

Old fashioned bleeding hearts:

Old fashioned bleeding hearts. 💕💕💕

I went to Home Depot this past weekend and found many spring shade perennials discounted- columbine, sweet woodruff, primula similar to the pink one above in deep purple, red and yellow! They all went into this flower bed behind the house. Also- the Dutchman's breeches that wasn't growing abundantly? I went to dig it up to move it and found the problem- a rock the size of a gigantic watermelon three inches under the plant. I heaved the rock out, filled in the gaping hole with new soil and put the dicentra back. Maybe NEXT year I'll see some real action on that plant.

Around front in the sun, irises are starting:

First irises to bloom. 💜 #iris

Love this- will be dividing it next week to give a bit to some people.

Dwarf bearded irises in light purple down in the big sun bed:

More irises...

I had no idea what color they would be (or that they would be dwarf)- I don't remember who I got them from. Last year was the first year I worked on the lower sun bed and these irises were a little too traumatized from being moved around to bloom. Glad they are coming back!

After a week in the 90s, the weather this weekend was heaven. High 60s / low 70s and sunny sunny sunny:


I went to the Hanover Garden Club sale and got so much- creeping phlox, pink daylily, lobelia, sabiosa, helenium, astrantia. The lobelia and astrantia (and some bugbane) went into the part-sun bed:

Year three of this part sun flowerbed. Weeded, widened, lots of new stuff added, mulched. I'm flipping beat.

Widened, weeded, mulched. I first dug out this L-shaped bed in front of an old rock wall two years ago. I planted some things and then kind of ignored it last year. This year I gave it some TLC so hopefully all I have to do this summer is weed periodically and add new stuff. Plants doing well in the bed: hostas, catmint, soloman's seal, lady's mantle, astilbe, foxglove (although, this may be their last year), lily of the valley, columbine, balloon flower (juuuuuust coming up out of the ground now), Japanese fern, tall phlox, heuchera, various primula. I've got some bunchberry that isn't dead... but isn't particularly thriving. 

One flower bed down... 10 more to go.

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Sue O said...

I've had luck with foxglove re-seeding. I also have a small area where I 'toss' all my gone to seed perennials when I deadhead. I just leave them alone stem and all and the following year I have new plants to set in wherever I have a need. As long as I leave the trimmings undisturbed they seem to grow. That is actually how I got my original foxglove, I helped someone clean up a neglected bed, brought the weeds and trimmings home to a compost pile and the following spring had several dozen!