[gardening] Faux snakes and geckos

So, I ordered some plastic snakes and a couple gecko statues to put around the flowers beds, to dissuade woodchucks and chipmunks from eating and digging up things:

Putting fake snakes around stuff I want the woodchucks to stop eating. 🐍🐍

If the snakes work, I'll order some more.

The gecko statues are high quality. I took them out from the packaging and thought, "Whoa, these are nice and hefty. Too bad I'm putting them outside."

A couple gecko statues to try to scare the woodchucks. 🐊

But it's not like we HAVE geckos around here, so I'm worried it will make the woodchucks more curious than frightened and draw them closer to check it out... and eat all the echinacea. It would be my luck for this plan to backfire. I would like owls and foxes and dogs,

The other gecko is down in the lower flowerbed, guarding home hollyhock.

In the back shade bed, dutchman's breeches:

Dutchman's breeches. Must dig and replant somewhere it will have more sun. #dutchmansbreeches #dicentracucullaria

This plant has never been robust where it is now and I'll be moving it this year.

I'll be doing my annual gardening-palooza staycataion during the week of Memorial Day. Gotta start planning now.

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