[crochet] Lost in Time: Progress

Still working on the Lost in Time shawl:

Lost in Time crochet shawl

Not as colorful as all the other Lost in Times I've seen but it should be a nice, subtle gray shawl. I'm on my 2nd ball of sock yarn. Might have to do an edge of some sort across the top to make it nice and tidy.

So I didn't get as much crocheting done in April as I wanted. I definitely prefer to be outside gardening when the weather is nice. I have a couple small amigurumi to finish.

I've got to figure out some travel knitting for my flights this weekend... I think colorwork socks. Because if they come out nice, off to the Fair they go this fall.

Weather's not looking awesome for MD Sheep and Wool. Could be rainy/muddy/cold. Might have to bring a big wool shawl instead of the linen one I was planning on.

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