[gardening] Late-May Flowers

I'm soooo glad I got new things at the Hanover Garden Club plant sale. The woodchucks just loooooove them- they appear to be quite delicious.

Harrumph. This is a learning process, I guess. The woodchucks devoured the english daisy, pincushion flower (NOOOOOO) and scabiosa. Left alone (so far) is the bugbane, lobelia and sweet woodruff. I'm ordering more fake snakes...

Candytufy in the back yard doing well:

Nice little mound of candytuft will be cut back and divided after it blooms. #candytuft

Soloman's seal doing it's thing:

Soloman's Seal.

Creeping thyme starting to bloom:

Creeping thyme.

Bungleweed bungling:


New succulent rock garden in a container:

Trying a succulent rock garden in a container.

I had a couple things in that container last year that died because the soil got so dry. I'll try to get a better eye on it this year but hopefully succulent will be a little more forgiving.

One of the little ornamental trees trimmed of dead branches, weeded, composted and mulched.


Last night's project, one of the side flowerbeds:

Side flower bed.

I didn't mean to spend the whole evening on it but mulching took much long than I expected. I cut my lavender plants way back earlier in the spring and they looked quite dead for a while. But new vegetation is coming up and I'm so relieved. I loved cutting and drying lavender for sachets last year. One lavender plant was kind of getting swallowed up by the daisies, so I dug it up, divided it into 5 bits and replanted those around this flower bed. More lavender. MORE.

View from the other end of the bed, by the house:


Lots of stuff in this bed. Many different daylilies, nepeta, lavender, blue fescue, bungleweed, shasta daisies, hostas, lilyturf, obedient plant, rock cress (just got from my mom). 

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