[misc] MDSW Haul

I never posted a picture of what I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool:

Maryland Sheep and Wool haul.

A couple things of fiber to spin, one skein of yarn, some pewter buttons (for bay-bay sweaters!), goat's milk soap (gifted a couple bars to my mom and sister) and some handwoven cotton towels (gifted to Dollar's mom). Pretty reserved, if I do say so myself.

I'm suffering from a bout of knitting/crochet ennui. I'm still working on the Lost in Time crochet shawl, approaching the end of the second ball, and the rows are starting to take a long time to complete. I still have a couple small amigurumi to finish- I just need to sit down at a desk and finish them. I tried starting a pair of stranded socks but I messed up the pattern a bit and got frustrated...

Hanover Garden Club plant sale tomorrow and I am so excited! I always end up getting 10 - 12 new things! I've already accumulated a decent pile of perennials to plant this year during my week-long gardening staycation during Memorial Day week... Sooooon.

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