[misc] Murderface Monday

This is what Murderface does on a Sunday:

Murderface on a Sunday.

Lucky. I hate being jealous of my cats.

Missed the opening ceremonies of the Rio Olympics because I couldn't get NBC reception on my flatwave antenna. I bought a trial membership to Sling TV and downloaded the app to the Xbox. Turns out you don't get local NBC programming unless you live in a select number of cities.

I was ready to scrap the whole thing but starting Sat morning, I was able to watch Rio coverage on other channels on Sling TV: NBC Sports, Bravo and USA. It doesn't matter what's on, it's all interesting to watch. Women's Rugby (first time ever in the games), archery, indoor volleyball, fencing, tennis, basketball... anything. I'm happy to watch any of it.

Trying to wrap up my Freia Freya shawl. The knitting is done. I wanted to give it a special beaded bind-off but it's taking so long. So many stitches, so many beads, so many hours. Hopefully I'll finish it this afternoon, give it a nice wash and block- and move on to the Ravellenic projects I queued for these games!

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