[knitting] Fiesta Bag

I purchased Lucy Neatby's Fiesta Bag pattern earlier this year in support of the Albert Fire Relief fund-raiser. I saved the pattern for the Ravellenic Games Bag Backstoke event. Here it is about half-way complete:

The #fiestabag is taking shape, despite mistakes (I'm pretty sure I'm carrying the contrasting yarn in the wrong hand). Going to try to finish this before the Olympics end Sunday night. #ravellenics2016 #ravelry #knitting

I was a little weary of the pattern in that it looked long (that's just Lucy being thorough) and complicated (it isn't). I'm using fingering weight leftovers from the stash and knitting the smallest size. I've made a couple mistakes so far: I knit the two-color garter border around the base wrong (should only be one row knit of contrasting color, not a knit and purl row- no biggie) and I think I'm carrying the contrasting yarn in the wrong (read: right- my right) hand so it's not coming to the forefront of the fabric as much as I would like.

But those are my mistakes. The pattern is fun and rather quick. I hope to finish and block it before the Olympics ends Sunday night.

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