[crafts] Lavender sachets

Up way too early last Saturday. Was looking out over the back yard with a cup of coffee at 6 am:

Early bird and worms and whatnot. #goodmorning

A week ago I went out to cut some of the lavender to bundle and dry. Once dry, I sloughed off all the little buds, picked out stems and leaves, and filled up organza drawstring bags:

Cut and dried some lavender from the flower beds. Making little sachets for the drawers. 💜 #gardening #lavender

I was never a fan of lavender until I started growing it. I still don't like the smell of synthetic lavender but this stuff? Awesome. Working on this made the first floor of the house smell wonderful.

Lavender sachets

I made six little sachets total, one of which I gave to a fellow Raveller and cat lover, whom I met up with at an antique show in Woodstock. The rest I was planning to put into dresser drawers but someone on my Instagram mentioned adding them to my yarn stash! I will do that instead as a moth-prevention measure.

There should be a bit more lavender to harvest by now, so I think I'll do that at some point this week. Trying to wring out as much lavender to preserve as possible. Cooking with lavender is another option. Will have to research recipes.

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