[misc] Murderface Monday

 Saturday was absolutely gorgeous weather. Murderface enjoys an open window:

Murderface soaking up the sun.

I spent the weekend inside, frantically finishing up my Fiesta Bag before the Olympics ended. And Sunday was literally 8 hours of CLEANING ALL MOST OF THE THINGS. It's so satisfying to have everything vacuumed, sink scrubbed, linens laundered, windowpanes dusted, car cleaned, cooking range wiped down, no-knead bread dough started for the week, clothes folded and hung, mail sorted and recycled, etc.

Now that my Ravellenics knitting is done, I'm going to try to wrap up some WIPs (I'm down to just 5 WIPs in my Ravelry notebook). I've gone back to sewing squares together for my Great American Aran Afghan. I want to enter this into the fair and I need to join everything before I knit the border.

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