[gardening] Sweet William

A line of sweet william along the front flower bed is blooming:

Front of the flower bed has dianthus blooming. Waiting on daisies and blanket flower next. #blossomsarecoming

I cut four stalks to bring inside:

Cut some #SweetWilliam to bring inside. 💐💨👃😊

They smell so good. Still waiting for the shasta daisies to open.

Oh and the turtles from yesterday? I got home and walked around to see if I could find any spots where they might have laid eggs. I found this:

Harrumph. One of the turtles ripped up a bit of my flower bed. Snow in summer and tricolor sedum taking a hit. Pretty sure it was the jerk turtle and not the nice turtle.

Why you son of a... Of all the damage they could have done, I suppose this isn't so bad. I've already patted the soil on top of the rocks back into place and will re-mulch. The snow-in-summer and tricolor sedum took some damage but they're both perennials, so they should bounce back. 

Not sure if any eggs are in the sloped dirt. Probably not but I'm not going to go digging through it. The turtles appear to have moved on. It was cool having them around for a couple days- seeing them crawl around and the places they were methodically checking out. Maybe we'll see them again in a few years.

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