[gardening] Asiatic lilies

My asiatic lilies have started to bloom:

Orange asiatic lilies blooming like whoa.

The blooms are so large and fragrant but the plants themselves are dwarf. Here they are last year, blooming on June 6th, not long after I put them in:

All the orange lilies blooming. Red ones are starting.

Those two little spots of green in the lower left-hand corner are part of the line of sweet william that I put in. They stayed green and small all season- I didn't know how full and tall them would get- too tall to be in front of these dwarf lilies. This is the front flower bed mid-July last year:

Front flower bed

This is not as wide of a shot, but you can see this year that the sweet william are taller than the lilies, kind of obscuring the view.


So my solution was to thin out the sweet william by chopping down a lot and bringing it inside for a big, bushy bouquet:

Thinning out the #SweetWilliam by bringing it inside. 💐

There's still enough left for the butterflies:

Butterfly on the sweet william

The remaining flowers I will let go to seed and collect the seeds to winter sow. I'm unsure whether or not this plant is biennial or perennial. I've read conflicting things. I even read that cutting back the flowers will make them perennial (because they think they won't have gone to seed? Does that sound crazy?). Who knows. This fall I'm moving some and leaving the rest to see what happens next year.

Anyway, the asiatic lilies after a fair amount of rain yesterday: 

Dwarf lilies after rain

Off to the left are the dark red ones that haven't bloomed yet (planted at the same time as the orange ones). The three on the top right that are just stalks are dwarf (I hope) yellow asiatic lilies that I just bought this year- when it was on sale after the blooms had gone by. This is the time of the year that I'm buying discount, sad-looking perennials that are past blooming but obviously still viable if you put them into the ground. I don't mind waiting a year.

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