[vermont] Turtle Power

A few days ago Dollar and I were wondering if we would see any turtles this year. Yesterday Dollar saw Penny at the window, freaking out about something outside. We looked and saw a snapping turtle in the driveway!

Algae shell turtle

Algae shell turtle

So, I think this is the same turtle that we saw years ago. The pattern on the shell seems identical. This picture was taken June 16, 2012:

Snapping Turtle

Nice that this turtle's still alive and kicking. And probably biting.

Then we spotted ANOTHER turtle further down the lawn:


This one seemed a lot more nervous having us near, so we didn't get too close. We left them alone for a bit. I couldn't resist checking on the nervous one again later- because it moved out of sight and I was curious where it went. She dug a hole into the lawn and I assumed she was laying eggs.  The other one spent the remainder of the evening going up and down and up and down a gravel pile. I was worried she'd lay her eggs at the top- which wouldn't be ideal. We have someone coming to do all kinds of drainage work down on the lower marshy lawn. Not a good idea to be laying eggs anywhere near there.

So this morning, I go look and there are not eggs but lots of new holes dug up around the lawn where they were looking for places to nest. Thanks a lot, guys.

Old Familiar was still messing around on the gravel piles:

Climbing the gravel pile

Climbing the gravel pile

Sill around this morning

Nervous Nellie was still around as well- finding more places to tear up. Please don't mess up my flower bed:

"I do what I want!"

These turtles need to lay eggs, leave me a note as to where they laid the eggs, and move on. I'm obsessing over them too much.

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