[knitting] Cable Madness

Finished the first round socks for Sock Madness:

Cable Madness

Pattern: Cable Madness

Yarn: Gage Hill Crafts' Mystic, dyed naturally with jewel weed. Purchased at 2014 VT Sheep & Wool Festival.

Needles: US 1

Notes: I finished these around 9pm. I washed them, put them onto sock blockers and was going to wait for them to dry before taking pictures/submitting to Sock Madness the next day. I got into bed with iPad and started going through all the finished socks. Only so many people from each team get to move forward each round and I started to get a bit antsy. I'm on one of the slowest teams but started worrying that all the slots would fill up overnight. So I went downstairs to take pictures and submit. Then I fell asleep as soon as my face hit the pillow.

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Karen Buhr said...

Glad you advanced!!