[misc] Penny Monday

Fast weekend- made even faster from losing an hour. I spent most of the weekend knitting:

Penny wants some socks

I'm actually quite close to the toes for both. I finished Season 3 of House of Cards and we had a Star Wars marathon and watched the first three movies. We were in a Star Wars mood because our dining room table has been transformed into the Death Star:

The dining room table is now the Death Star. #x-wing #starwars

Dollar plays a miniature game called X-wing and all the ships are so awesome. So detailed and painted really well. I've tried playing and it's not really my thing. 

I went out for a ride on the VAST trails on Sunday morning. I'm still waiting for the electric start to be repaired on mine but I was able to go out on an insured/registered snowmobile, to see how I like it. I LIKE IT. We rode for 23 miles.

First time out on the #VAST trails. 23 miles. So much fun.

There are so many trails around us- and we give VAST permission to go through our property. We rode to the house and up the driveway so that I could give Dollar a spin. I was like, "This is break, this is go, this kills the engine. And go." I can't believe you don't need a special license or training. 

Here's a picture from our driveway of Dollar on the trail:

Dollar on the snowmobile

The trail goes right by the house, so it's kind of obligatory for us to have a snowmobile. Snowmobiles. We need more snowmobiles.

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