[cooking] Perfect Pasta

Yesterday morning I took a Pasta 101 class at King Arthur Flour. For my birthday back in October, Dollar said he would buy me a class of my choice. Pasta was the only one I wanted and I had to wait 5 months to find a class that wasn't sold out.

The class ran from 9 am to 12 pm and the time flew by. I blinked and two hours had passed. The class was: watch the teacher make the dough, make your dough, roll it out, cut 60% into fettuccine and make ravioli with the rest.

Here's what I got to bring home:

Pasta 101 at @kingarthurflour. Fettuccine and ravioli to bring home!

This class was awesome. I mean, look at that pasta I made. I've only made pasta at home a couple times and it was messy and I didn't really know what I was doing and the pasta was too chewy. All of those things were explained. Any question/concern I had was answered. The instructors were great. The atmosphere of the class was great. 

Towards the end of the class, one of the instructors came through and took a handful of fresh fettuccine from everyone to boil together for lunch. A wild mushroom cream sauce was made to toss with the pasta. Add some fresh snipped chives and voila:

Lunch is the fettuccine we made with wild mushrooms. Heaven. 😍

This was so good, I wanted to cry. The fettuccine was so silky smooth and tender. The mushrooms were tasty. There were fresh baguettes (of course) and butter. 

For dinner, I cooked up the pasta I brought home- ravioli for me, fettuccine for Dollar, both tossed with brown butter. We had it with some roasted salmon- which is one of his favorite foods. I knew the pasta was good when he ate it all before finishing his salmon. He was like, "Yeah. Okay. So I assume we're going to never have boxed pasta again?" Once you have fresh pasta, you never wanted to go back to the dried stuff.

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