[knitting] Cable Madness

Last Friday night the pattern for the first round of Sock Madness was released. I spent much of Friday night and Saturday knitting:

Working on a new pair of socks. #sm9 #sockmadness9

I want to do the 2nd sock with the cables mirrored but I don't know how to print mirrored pages on my home printer. I went to Staples to see if the copy center there could do it. I handed the page with the chart to the guy behind the counter and asked. He said, "Well, let's see..." He read a bit, handed me back the paper and said, "Nope. Because of that text at the bottom." I read:

Cable Madness Socks (c) 2015 Karen J. Buhr
No part of this pattern or other material may be distributed without written permission of Karen J. Buhr. Pattern is for personal use only and is not for commercial use.

He then went on to say something about not reproducing it and something else about it being illegal to get another company (presumably... Staples?) involved. I blinked. Hard. I wanted to say, "Homie, do you know how much copy-wank I've read on Ravelry? AH KNOW MAH RIGHTS!" Partly because not much of that would make sense to him, partly because this guy was on an obvious power-trip and arguing would get me nowhere.

What he said didn't even jive with the copyright text, which was so confusing to me- I wanted one page, printed backwards. I said, "But... this is just for me." Without any further trouble, he took me over to a printer and printed out a single mirrored copy of the chart. I paid the 11 cents and walked out. What the ever-loving F? Truly, I understand the concern but I didn't ask for 20 copies so that I could sell them as bootlegs on the black-knitting-market. If I wanted to do that, I'd just walk up to a printer and make the copies.

I guess I'm just bitter that the copyright issue, which I haaaaaaate reading about on Ravelry, bled over for a moment into real life. I don't want any drama or trouble on a Sunday morning while I'm sleepily running errands.

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Karen Buhr said...

Sorry you had such grief about getting the pattern printed so you could mirror it!