[spinning] Cormogora? Angormo?

Pulled out two 4oz bags of angora/cormo that I picked up at the 2009 NH Sheep and Wool Festival:

Angora + Cormo

It really didn't draft all the easily or smoothly, so the finished yarn is lumpy/bumpy. But I think that just makes it look more like spun clouds:

Angora and Cormo

Which is what this yarn feels like- clouds. I think the blend is 50% angora/50% cormo. This yarn would make beautiful cables.

Angora and Cormo

Not sure what the finished yardage is but it's a dk- or light worsted-weight.

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gayle said...

Oh, that looks lovely! You'll want to knit something you can cuddle up to your face...
Maybe a hooded scarf? Or a cowl and hat combination?
If the yarn was heavier, something like would be nice.)