[knitting] Tunisian Potholders and Dishcloths

I've made 4 out of 5 potholders for a swap:

Potholder swap

Pattern: Tunisian Shortrow Dishcloth

Hook: H

Yarn: Lily Sugar 'n Cream Ombres, from the stash.

Notes: I made these double-thick by crocheting two, then crocheting them together along the outer edge. I also added a loop to hang them. These are thick and squooshy, perfect for putting down into the table and setting a hot dutch oven on top.

There have been a couple rejects:

Potholder swap rejects

Not that there's anything wrong w/these two, but the larger one on the left has 15 stitch wedges. I made two, crocheted them together and that made them ~10 inches across. Which is nice but over the size limit for the swap (I've gone down to 13 stitch wedges). And since these are made using worsted weight cotton, I also didn't want my potholders to add too much weight when people are sending envelopes w/postage already attached. And the one on the right... I just thought the colors were too drab.

So these two and all of these dishcloths (which have been sitting in a cabinet unused since I made them) were put into a brown paper bag for Dollar to bring into work. They're looking for homemade crafty donations for a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth. I also included the purple Capucine hat, the purple Chunky Dean Street Hat, a pink scarf from my early knitting days (which I've never worn, so I had to let it go) and a couple other hats that I never wear. It was hard to let some of the stuff go but I hope it can raise some good money for CHaD.

Oh, and I ordered this set of 9 inch tunisian hooks from Amazon. I only had one long, unwieldy, aluminum Susan Bates tunisian hook. I wanted to get smaller wooden ones to save my wrist since I knew I was going to be making so many of these. These hooks are really nice and I recommend them- they're light and have pointy heads. The only negative thing I've heard is that they're kind of fragile so you can't leave it where someone might step or sit on it. Which is probably sound advice for any crochet hooks and knitting needles.


Ellen Bloom said...

Ooooo.....VERY PRETTY! I hope I get one of your potholders in the swap!

Sara said...

Nice work...

Secondly, my friend, Scarlett - loves the hat! I had not been able to see her until yesterday - and she wouldn't take the hat off.

I hope your hand knits will bring in some bucks for Chad - you do beautiful work ...

gayle said...

What a great idea!
Now I'm going to have to scrumble through the stash - I'm sure I've got some cotton tucked away somewhere...