[knitting] Infinity feels like forever

In March, I knit an infinity scarf:

Twisted Rib infinity scarf

Pattern: Twisted Rib Neckwarmer (rav)

Yarn: Malabrigo Silky, color 429 cape cod gray, 2 skeins (every single inch of two skeins)

Needles: US 7

This is a nice, soft loop that you can wrap around your neck twice. I ran out of yarn at the end (trying to make just one more twisted repeat) and had to use scraps from my long tail cast-on. Even then, I had to kind of fudge the bind off. Oh well, it's not noticeable when I'm wearing it.

The single-ply yarn is just right for this pattern:

Twisted Rib infinity scarf

The only problem is that this project got tedious real fast. Oh em gee. For real. I thought it was called an infinity scarf because you twist it into a figure eight to wear but really, it's because the rows feel like they take forever.


gayle said...

Well, at least it's really pretty! Imagine how infinity-ish it would have been if you'd hated it when you were done and wanted to rip it...

THUSC Radium said...
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pdx-kerr said...

Can you share the twisted rib stitch pattern? The pattern is no longer available on Ravelry for download. (Sorry for the previous deleted post, I was logged into the wrong account)