[misc] H-Mart, jocular material observe

My sister and I took a trip down to H-Mart on Saturday (leaving again at, sigh, 7am). We got some shrooms, kimchis, meats, etc. We spent more time than usual in the housewares section. I had to take pictures of a couple funny things...

Like this pork noose:

Pork noose, for cooking

It's just kitchen twine but the way it's packaged is funny. Now that's what I call "hog tied". Har har.

Also saw a Sanitation Scoop:

Sanitation Scoop

I have no idea what a sanitation scoop is meant to be used for but this thing looks nearly exactly like the rice paddle that came with my rice cooker. Ewwww.

The scoop says "Emboss function addition":

Sanitary Scoop

Three seemingly unrelated words. I think it probably originally said something like "With useful texture" and someone just ran it through an automated translator.

Lastly, I had to get these snacks:

Red Ginseng Chocolate Crunky

Red Ginseng Chocolate Crunky. Yes, h'es do look like k's, so it's understandable. But unintentionally funny. And for those of you that haven't had ginseng before, it does kind of taste like dirt. It was a disappointing lesson for Dollar.

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Kitt said...

The "sanitation scoop" is indeed a rice scoop. I ran across your post while trying to puzzle out the same thing (someone gave me one). Finally took it to a Korean friend and asked. The plastic has some sort of antimicrobial quality, hence "sanitation."