[hiking] Many seasons of Gile

I was able to talk Dollar into hiking up Gile with me on Saturday. It was a really (I mean really) nice day- 84 flipping degrees out. The trail wasn't too muddy.

At the top, we had to wait our turn to go up the fire tower. I heard all kinds of squawking and wondered if there was a little pond with ducks or geese. We walked to a little patch of water and saw that the squawking was coming from frogs! In the 50 sq ft patch of standing water was probably more than 50 frogs. They were playing leapfrog and just generally going crazy. I was able to pick one up:

Gile Mt.


The view at the top was great and it's interesting to see what the different seasons do for the view. The spring picture is from Saturday. The summer one is from 2008. And the fall one is from 2006.

In the spring:

Gile Mt.

In the summer:

Gile Mt. 052908

In the fall:

Gile 5


Sara said...

Very pretty area! Nice photos.

gayle said...

I love seeing the different seasons from the same view. Very nice shots. The hike was definitely worth it!