[misc] Murderface Monday


Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I finished up a shawl that I've been test knitting while watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on Hulu. I'm not done with it yet but oh my god. He came from England to Huntington, W. Virginia (the unhealthiest place in America) to try to change school lunches, educate people about food, etc.

The saddest part was him walking into an elementary classroom and holding up vegetables. None of the kids could identify anything. He held up tomatoes and one kid said "potato". He held up a potato and none of them knew what it was. He held up an eggplant (okay, maybe not commonly cooked with in that region) and tried to help them along by saying, "Egg...?" One kid shouted "Egg salad!" None of the kids had any idea what broccoli, cauliflower or celery looked like.

Then he showed them a chicken nugget. They all shouted "Chicken nugget!" They all correctly identified pizza, hamburger, and (of course) french fries. He held up the potato again and explained that french fries are made from potatoes. "Did you know that?" he asked. No one knew that.

It was really sad. I know it's not like that all over the country and maybe this explains why that particular location is the unhealthiest but... It's so sad that the kids are being set up for a lifetime of bad eating. Even what they're being fed in school, while meeting USDA guidelines, isn't good.

Anyway, I'm a Jamie Oliver fan now. Inspired, I made a nice chicken and noodle stir fry last night with onions, peppers, scallions, mushrooms and garlic.

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