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I finally pulled out my copy of Agricola to play a two-player game with Dollar. I've seen this game played a couple times (at Carnage and Unity) and I've played once at my gaming group but there's a lot going on. I re-read the rules and set up the simplified "Family Game" version. It went well.

Visually, it helps that I splurged and pimped out my game with the animeeples, vegimeeples and people-meeples. These little wooden pieces (purchased separately) replace the abstract pieces that originally come with the game.

Here's an example of what a finished farm might look like with all the new pieces (except for gold bricks- I'm not sure yet what those would be used for):


The people pieces in the core game are disks. Like, over-sized Necco wafers. I like having a Ma, a Pa and three kids:


These pieces can make the game funnier when you send Pa out to go fishing for a round- while Ma has to plow a new field and the boy is bringing home a huge load of stones. So unfair. But character-building, I'm sure.

The animals are sheep, boar and cattle. These pieces are replacing white, black and brown cubes. CUBES!! A white cube is a sheep? No. I need my sheep to look like clouds with stubby legs:


And the resources (which were originally small disks of the same color)... Wood and clay:


Stone and reed:


Carrots and wheat:


Also, in the top right of the picture is food. These... foodeeples (?) were not represented in the core game. When you went fishing or converted your animal(s) into food or baked bread, you simply got a generic +1 food token. Now you can stock the pond with real fish, get meaty legs, bake real bread.

Now all I have to do is find a deep tray with at least 12 sections... Might go look at fishing tackle boxes.

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gayle said...

Love the little sheep! (sheeples?)