[gaming] Shear Panic!

And the games just don't stop. Last night I play tested a 4-player game of Shear Panic!. Yes, that means me playing all 4 players.

I've read. And reread. And re-reread the rules. It's complicated, yo. It difficult memorizing all the different actions one could take- Lamb Slam, Ewe Turn, Wool Rule, etc.

But, after a while I got it. Here's my flock once they entered Roger Ram's field:

Shear Panic

Here's the blue player's control mat and the green scoring track depicting the different fields...

Shear Panic

At that point, I hadn't reached the shearing field yet, where this guy wants to remove the sheep closest to him from the game:

Shear Panic

The pieces are so cute.

Shear Panic

So... The game is good. It's a complicated abstract strategy game, which sounds silly to me because it's just a game about a flock of sheep. But, the rules do make sense. Every so often, the sheep will panic (when they first jump off the truck at the beginning of the game, whenever the flock marker lands on a red space) and you have to roll a die to see which sheep panics and moves.

Also, if a member of the flock gets separated, there are rules on how to bring them back together. Because the flock always has to be together. Makes sense, right?

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gayle said...

I'm loving your game reviews!
I might have to get this one just for the game pieces... 8)