[felting] Needle Felting FAIL

I got the Fall issue of Vogue Knitting and saw a needle felted stole that I just loved. The yarn called for is a bulky wool/acrylic blend held together with a thread. The article tells you to cut a few inches, remove the thread, form a circle and needle felt a bunch of circles together on crafting paper.

I had to do it. It was one of those "Must do it NOW" projects. I went out for the supplies:

Needle Felting Fail

Left to right: Pencil roving, needle felting foam block, needle felting tool, water soluble crafting paper.

I needle felted a little sample onto the crafting paper- a smallish table runner:

Needle Felting Fail

I love the little circles!

Needle Felting Fail

I went to wash it and it basically fell apart. The crafting paper dissolved nicely but the circles weren't felted together well. I was awkward moving the fiber through the water, afraid that I would be pulling the circles out one at a time. Here's it is post-wash:

Needle Felting Fail

So... sad.

I held it up to the window:

Needle Felting Fail

The circles are barely staying together.

Here it is on the table:

Needle Felting Fail

I'll wait for it to dry and try felting the circles back together. It functions, I guess, but I'm still calling the project a FAIL. Next time, I will make sure that the circles overlap each other more.


gayle said...

I like the way it looked in the window. There's a magical quality about it - pretty bubbles floating.
I'd say not a Fail - you just need to add another step to the project. 8)

Maven said...

Suggestion: You could needle felt the circles onto a piece of silk in the same color (or alternating, if you want that effect) as the circles. When you wash, the circles will remain affixed to the silk.