[cooking] Blueberries - Frist pick of the season

I went blueberry picking with my mom yesterday. She's been to many different farms but likes Noda's Blueberry Farm in Meriden, NH best. The bushes are simply chock-full of berries.

I brought a couple large mixing bowls to fill but my mom has got this system worked out where she attaches a pail to her hip via a belt. She's like, "Wear this pail like this." I'm all, "Yeaaah... I think I'm good." She said to trust her. And I'm so glad I did. I was able to pick a crazy amount of berries in just over an hour, which was nice because it was so hot and the insects wouldn't leave me alone.

But I came home with:


And that's only about half of them. The other half are in the freezer already.

They are, on average, nearly quarter-sized:



And what to do with those berries? Muffins!




nicole said...

I am attempting to eat one of your muffins through the screen. Sadly, it is not working.

gayle said...

My in-laws have a kabillion blueberry bushes - theirs aren't quite ripe yet, but I have lovely blueberries in my future...
Your muffins look fabulous!

amy said...

I'm getting to the point where I can make these muffins blindfolded. Dollar loooooooooooves them and I make a batch every other week. We've been using store-bought blueberries for months now, so it's nice to use (and store up) locals ones again.

Angela said...

Didn't you have your blueberry muffin recipe on here at one point? I tried to do a search but my computer is not being cooperative.