[gaming] Blokus / Wits & Wagers

We weren't going to play any games last night but the mother of all rain storms came and we lost power for three hours- 8 pm to 11 pm. We played a modified 2-player variant of Blokus by candlelight, which was nice.

I've read many reviews that this is a great abstract strategy game for 4 players. It's uneven with 3 players. And it's not very fun with 2 players. When I first got the game, Dollar and I gave the 2 player game a go and... Yeah, it was wierd. Each player is basically playing as 2 players.

BoardGameGeek to the rescue. I was able to find out that if you box in a smaller area, you can play the actual 2-player travel version: Blokus Duo

It was much more fun playing the travel version. I don't think Dollar's a fan of the game but I really like it. I was able to pick it up at Border's in West Leb with a 40% off coupon, so it was < $20 :)


They also had Wits and Wagers at Border's, which I've recently heard is a good party game. Amazingly, it's available in the Xbox Arcade and I had Dollar download it. We played a couple times and it's a good "trivia game for people who don't know trivia".

The questions are hard (How many miles long is the Mississippi River? What year was Frankenstein published? When was penicillin discovered?) but stupid answers from other players and good guessing/betting by you is all it takes to win.

Here was the last question Dollar and I had:

How many sheets of toilet paper are in a standard Scott roll?

Dollar's guess: 300

Amy's guess: 1000

Betting round... Dollar starts putting money on various guesses.

AMY: What are you doing? It's 1000.


AMY: Yes! I'm sure!

DOLLAR: I don't know...

AMY: I'm totally sure! That's the toilet paper I buy! Put your money on my guess! Hurryuptimeisrunningout!

*Ding* And the correct answer is...


Thank you, thank you very much. Dollar was appropriately impressed that I knew the exact answer.

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