[knitting] Zeebee

For the December edition of Hat Club at White River Yarns:


Pattern: Zeebee

Needles: US 10.5

Yarn: Louet Northern Lights: Picasso. (Yes, I was making mittens with the yarn but they were turning out dense and weird. They had to be ripped out.)

I don't think I'll knit this pattern again. It was a joy to work with yarn I spun myself and I think it was a good match for this pattern but I didn't enjoy the pattern itself. It had so much going for it:

- It's popular on Ravelry
- I thought that the construction was interesting (garter stitch short rows)
- It can be tailored to work for any gauge and any size head

I guess what turned me off is the writing of the pattern. I thought it was too wordy and confusing. Plus, the designer didn't include instructions for sewing a garter kitchener stitch. Which, I thought, if the pattern is going to be pages and pages long, just include the instructions. I don't know, maybe the pattern is meant for Beginners. There are step-by-step instructions for putting your cast-on stitches back onto a needle when all I needed was "pull out the crocheted cast on. slip live stitches onto smaller needle".

I'm not entirely sure but what with holiday knitting and feedback on the pattern from others, I think I might be the only one to knit this month's hat. Oh well.

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gayle said...

What great colors! Despite the issues with the pattern, that is one glorious hat!