[knitting] Berry Difficult Hat

I am working on a tam for me:

Berry Pattern Tam

The stitch I'm doing is a "berry pattern" and it's near murder with this single-ply, mostly acrylic yarn. It's:

Row 1: *p3 tog, p1 k1 p1 in next stitch (repeat from * around)
Row 2: knit
Row 3: *p1 k1 p1 in next stitch, p3tog (repeat from * around)
Row 4: knit

I like the look of both sides of the resulting fabric and I think this tam is going to be reversible but the p3togs are killing me. I can only stand to do 4 rows at a time before I have to set it aside to work on something more fun. Like a hat for Murderface ;)


Sara said...

Oh, that is going to be pretty - I'll bet that pattern would make a beautiful scarf, too...

gayle said...

Just thinking about all those p3togs is making my hands hurt! You're berry brave!
Pretty hat, though. Don't fall for the scarf idea...

amy said...

Ha ha, yeah, while I agree that a matching scarf would be beautiful, the thought of knitting one makes me feel a little faint :)