[knitting] Great (Big) American Afghan

Some super-bulky yarn came to White River Yarns and I had to go check it out. Lois and I flipped through a copy of The Great American Aran Afghan at the shop and when I got home, I pulled my copy of The Great American Afghan. The premise is simple- use worsted weight yarn to knit 12-inch squares. When you have a pile, sew them together and wah-lah: afghan. There are dozens of different squares, all by different designers.

I picked a square, sat down with my super-bulky yarn and made:

Square for blanket

It's only, uh, slightly larger than 12-inches. Here's the block with a ruler for scale:

Square for blanket

More like 26-inches. Which I am okay with because 6 squares will make a generous blanket that completely covers a full-sized bed. The only sucky part is that it takes a little more than 4 balls of the Encore Mega to make one square; there are going to be lots of ends to weave in. I wish they sold Encore Mega on cones.

I'm having a hard time trying to decide which block to make next. The one above was easy and I love the button stitches (roughly the size of a quarter each)- it's a great texture to run your hand across. Maybe cables next? I don't think I should do bobbles since they would end up being as large as clementines.

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Shelby said...

that's huuuuuuuuuge!! :D It's lovely, though. If you want to borrow my cable book with the crazy stitch dictionary in it, let me know...you're certainly welcome to it.